William C. Grayson, Chicksands: A Millennium of History, ISBN 09633208-1-5, 3rd Edition (1999), 350pp, indexed, heavily illustrated, many maps and drawings commissioned expressly for this book and many previously unpublished photos; indexed, trade paperback (8.5 X 11 inches).

ISBN: 0-96332081-5

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The complete history of Chicksands' four eras from the end of the last Ice Age to present UK defense organizations based on researched original source materials.

  • Details of Chicksands' religious beginnings and 400 years of unisex but segregated monastic life to the 16th Century seizure of the monasteries by King Henry 8th; discussion of the historic origins of the "Rosetta-the-Ghost" legend; the beginnings of Chicksands' 20th century communications security heritage.

  • Chicksands as an aristocratic estate from 1538 to 1936: the most completely researched and detailed history of Sir Peter Osborne of Chicksands and daughter Dorothy's experiences during the English Civil War; a love story worth knowing; scholarly examination of the 77 letters Dorothy wrote from Chicksands Priory to Sir William Temple, her future husband, acknowledged as gems of English literature.

  • Chicksands' little-known important links to Colonial America and the War for American Independence: Sir Danvers Osborn, Baronet of Chicksands Priory, as Royal Governor of New York in 1753 and an analysis of his mysterious and tragic death; the Revolutionary War service of Sir Danvers' vengeful son, Sir George, who disembarked in New York City wearing a Redcoat - right after publication of the Declaration of Independence; Sir George's contact with General Washington on a most awful subject.

  • Chicksands reverts to Crown ownership in 1936 as the clouds of World War II gather; the supersecret operational history of the RAF "Y Service" at Chicksands with details of signals interception and analysis of German, Italian and even Japanese radio signals; many first-person stories.Chicksandsā€˜ operational connection to the codebreaking work at Bletchley Park.Analysis of the two Luftwaffe air raids against Chicksands Priory in 1940.

  • Cold War history of the USAF at RAF Chicksands from 1950 to 1995: operational details of USAF signals collection, analysis and reporting; origin of the Fighting Chick mascot; full documentation of the USAF's drawdown and closing ceremonies; demolition of the giant AN/FLR-9 "Elephant Cage" antenna

  • A new chapter of the book added for its 3rd Edition on the new UK Defence Intelligence & Security Centre and on the British Army Intelligence Corps at Chicksands; restoration of the Priory with many up-to-date photos.

  • Special annex containing personal reminiscences of many Americans about living and working at Chicksands and in England.